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A Brief History Of The Allegan Lodge : Allegan Michigan
Evidence : The Allegan Lodge : Allegan Mi
Evidence : The Allegan Lodge : Various Areas : April 7th 2012
During this case some of the investigators also had personal experiences...footsteps walking up the attic stairs...when only two investigators were in the building and both in the attic...and one investigator getting pushed on her way out of the kitchen off of the ball room...we also had some flashlight responses and K2 hits...
Allegan Lodge : Allegan Mi :
           April 7th 2012
  Although Allegan Lodge is often described today as one of the most haunted places in the Midwest, its history began in 1909 when it was constructed as a hospital for Dr. John Robinson. Little is known about this era of the building's history, but it is believed that a number of people died at the structure during the time that it was in operation -- which might explain the presence of some of the lingering spirits, but no one knows for sure.

During the 1920s, rumors also ran rampant that the hospital had ties to organized crime in Chicago and Detroit, making it a convenient spot for the removal of bullets, treating of wounds and a hiding place where injured gangsters could convalesce in secret. Neighbors later spoke of black sedans arriving at the hospital during the night, liquor trucks dropping off shipments of illegal booze and screams that were sometimes heard in the darkness.