Into The Afterlife Paranormal Updates

Into The Afterlife Paranormal Updates

Pre Muster Meeting Down At The Fort

by Brian Danhausen on 04/22/13

We need to be at the fort by 6:00pm...we will prob all just meet down there. As for the meeting that we were talking about for that Sunday will not be we will collect the Witches Ball Sponsor money at the fort...$11.00 per person..and April dues...being as the month is almost we discussed at the previous lets meet up a little earlier in the parking lot of the later than 5:45pm...Thanks

Redford Case for Saturday 4-13-13

by Brian Danhausen on 04/09/13

To those who wish to attend the Redford case this Saturday...4-13-13...please blog back and let me will be between 7 and 8 pm...Thanks

New Case For This Friday

by Brian Danhausen on 03/25/13

A new case has been booked for this Friday..March 29th...7:00pm in Metamora is about 16 miles north of the Palace. The home is a farm house about 110 yrs old. Some of the activty includes footsteps...noises and apparitions. It will make for a very busy weekend..but if you are interested in attending...please blog back and let us know...Thanks

March 30th Meeting and Investigation After

by Brian Danhausen on 03/24/13

So the meeting will be taking place at Vinces house on Sat March 30th..we are going to shoot for 5:00pm..seeing as we now have an investigation after.There were talks about another potluck..but being short notice..we would like to know what everyone for the is a private home in Warren...9mile and Hoover area..we will be there at 8:00pm unless anything changes...the clients recently moved into this house but feel the activity from the previous home has followed them...we know that Easter is the next if you cannot make it to the is understandable...but if you are interested...just blog back...Thanks

New Case In Sterling Heights

by Brian Danhausen on 03/14/13

We have a new case in Sterling Heights on Saturday March 23rd at is around the 16 mile and Dodge Park area...some of the activity claims are a black orb type mass and objects moving...if any investigators are interested in going..please blog us back and let us know...Thank You...

Hotel For Hillview...

by Brian Danhausen on 03/05/13

We were just wondering who was interested in getting the hotel and who was interested in just driving home the following morning....this will effect driving arrangements so please let us know as soon as you can...Thank You

Fort Wayne Volunteer

by Brian Danhausen on 03/04/13

For anyone interested...on March 9th...this Saturday...there will be a work detail for the visitor starts at 9am and runs til about 5pm...I sent out the FaceBook invite to all the team members...and it is volunteer...Thanks

To one of our Investigators

by Brian Danhausen on 03/02/13

We would like to say sorry and offer our deepest sympathies to one of our investigators who has just recently lost their know if there is anything that you need...we will be there

Events For May 4th

by Brian Danhausen on 02/24/13

The total for Haunted Fort Wayne's Paranormal Muster Is $26.50 for the sponsorship and $5.00 for the meet and of $31.50...due as soon as we discussed at the meeting...We will discuss the Witches Ball sponsorship at the next meeting...Thank You

Meeting Time and Royal Oak Investigation Part Two

by Brian Danhausen on 02/16/13

The meeting time for Feb 23 will be at Rick and Ambers at will be a pot luck please blog back what you will be bringing so that everyone will know...after that we will go to the investigation...around 7:00...Thanks...

Investigation...January 26th

by Brian Danhausen on 01/20/13

We will be having an investigation at a home in Royal Oak..we are shooting for Saturday the 26th...we have one final meeting with the client before it is is a home and we are about 90% this point we are just seeing who is available...

Mad World Radio Interview

by Brian Danhausen on 01/20/13

Thanks to Gordan Ireland...the man that runs the Witches Ball...on March 1st...myself and Rick will be doing an internet radio interview for IntoThe AfterLife Paranormal on Mad World broadcast starts at 9pm and will last until 12am...not sure what time we will be on...all I know is that we have the option to stay the full three hours if we want...

The Witches Ball...Tickets and Sponsoring

by Brian Danhausen on 01/20/13

We will be sponsoring the ball again this year...I will have more details very soon...also...I know alot of members wanted to go this sells out very fast...if you want to go please let me know ASAP so that I can try and reserve your tickets...Thanks

Deadline for Orders

by Brian Danhausen on 01/20/13

We will need your orders for what you want by Jan 31st...please contact Amber before then and she can also give you prices at that time...Thank You

Meeting For The New Year

by Brian Danhausen on 01/01/13

We are having a meeting on Saturday January12th...we are shooting for around 1:00 to 2:00 ish...we would like it if everyone could be there. We will be discussing the cases for the upcoming year among other things..and if you have any evidence from a past case ready...feel free to bring it for review...please blog back so that we can get a better feel for the time...Thank You...

Two New Cases

by Brian Danhausen on 12/22/12

Well it seems like it hits all at once...we just received two new cases...although one is still pending to be set for a few weeks from now...the other will take place on Saturday December is in Mattawan Mi...just so you know is about a 3 hr drive and is in a 3 bedroom mobile home...prob the size of the last mobile home we we will only need a smaller please let us know if you are interested..Thanks...

Two New Cases

by Brian Danhausen on 12/08/12

Well the first you know...was really last minute and is happening tonight (Dec 8th) Ecorse...sorry for such the short notice...we have two confirmed investigators and myself for tonight...if you are interested in going please let me know so that I can fill you in. The second case comes from will be next Saturday...(Dec 15th) Oxford. This is the date that we were going to have the Prospect review on...I know that some of you could not make it to the review on that date so if you could let me know who is available or interested in this case I will get you filled in on the details... Thank You...Brian

Postponement of the Evidence Review

by Brian Danhausen on 12/03/12

Well with only a few responses to the blog...and most of the answers were that they could not make it...we decided to postpone the evidence review of Prospect Place and Fort Wayne until after the is going to be a very important meeting after the review and we need all team members there...the date will be announced towards the end of December...hopefully this will be better for everyone during this busy time of year...Thank You...Brian

Evidence Review of Prospect Place...Fort Wayne and Meeting...

by Brian Danhausen on 11/27/12

First let us say sorry for such a long wait for the reviews...when we got back we had the Sterling Case that came first...then the holidays and so here is the date for the review...Saturday December 15th 2012...time is still pending...this will include Prospect Place and Fort Wayne. There will also be a meeting...part of the meeting will be the team trying to plan out the upcoming year for investigations and events. Please blog back if you can make it or not...that may determine the time...Thank You...Brian

Evidence Review

by Brian Danhausen on 11/16/12

So it has been a busy few weeks and it is prob going to remain busy for a while...we are working on a date to review the evidence from the last trip to Prospect Place and hopefully Fort Wayne on the same we was just wondering on how everybody has been coming along in the review of their evidence..and who may need more time...Thanks Brian

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