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Allegan Lodge Evidence Review

by Brian Danhausen on 04/15/12

   We are trying to get everyone together on Saturday the 21st...around 6 pm...after Rick and Ambers house to review the evidence from the Allegan Lodge...I know that they are waiting patiently for us to show them any evidence...if any was caught...please blog back so that we know if enough investigators can make it...if not and you caught something and cannot make it let me know and maybe you can email it to me and I will take it to the meeting...and also...if this is a go...if anyone would like to volunteer to help out with the drinks and snacks...that would be great...that way it does not fall on one person...we would also like to have a team meeting with the investigators before we go to Fort Wayne...after the review...Thanks

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1. Lisa said on 4/17/12 - 09:17AM
Unfortunately I have to work that day until 8pm. I have a couple of EVP's that I could send to you, havent come up with anything in pics, but I am still in review of the video. I will get everything to you before saturday.
2. Brian said on 4/17/12 - 12:39PM
Cool...and anything we go over I will email know there is still a very good chance that we will still be 100% good...
3. Heather said on 4/17/12 - 01:12PM
I will be there. I can bring a few 2 liters of pop and some chips.
4. Keri said on 4/17/12 - 02:50PM
I will be there.
5. Brad said on 4/18/12 - 05:05PM
I'm there. Would everyone prefer chips and Doritos or sweets like cookies?
6. Lisa said on 4/18/12 - 05:55PM
Ok, I will run out of work at 8 & get over as quick as I can. Dont know what everyone wants for snacks or drinks. I can pick up some cookies or pastries from the bakery before I leave!

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