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Allegan Lodge Investigation

by Brian Danhausen on 04/08/12

Thanks to all of the investigators for a great investigation last night...we will let you know about a date for the evidence review...

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1. said on 4/8/12 - 01:27PM
It was a pleasure meeting the Into The Aferlife Paranormal Team during your investigation of the Allegan Lodge yesterday. You were all very Professional in the way you handled all aspects of your Investigation. We are looking forward to your findings after your review! Regards, Glen, Pat & Debbie.
2. Keri said on 4/8/12 - 03:10PM
Thanks to Allegan Lodge for allowing us to investigate last nite. Great investigation. Can't wait to see if we got evidence to send them.
3. Rick and Amber said on 4/9/12 - 03:43PM
We enjoyed our investigation Saturday Night and the hosts of the event were very knowledgable. Thanks to everyone hope all had a great time.

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