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Events For May 4th

by Brian Danhausen on 02/24/13

The total for Haunted Fort Wayne's Paranormal Muster Is $26.50 for the sponsorship and $5.00 for the meet and of $31.50...due as soon as we discussed at the meeting...We will discuss the Witches Ball sponsorship at the next meeting...Thank You

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1. Sean said on 2/25/13 - 04:31AM
Just to let you know I took care of that sat.
2. Darlene said on 2/25/13 - 05:11PM
What are you talking about Sean? ;
3. Sean said on 2/27/13 - 12:22AM
That I paided for fort wayne on sat at the meeting.I hope you marked it down. Call or text me please.
4. Darlene said on 2/27/13 - 11:23AM
was just messing with you Sean cause we were joking about it on Saturday at the meeting. Its marked paid for Fort Wayne and dues for the year.

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