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by Brian Danhausen on 08/19/12

Okay...this is gonna be alot...

First... I need to know final numbers of who is going to the paranormal picnic this Sat...August 25th...they need a count ASAP for food...

Second...We had done an interview last Friday on a case in Warren...very small house...we caught some odd audio...so we are going back this Friday ...August 24th...here is the thing...very small house...we need about 4 to 5 investigators to go...myself and Rick will be there but more in the background...

Third...Fort Wayne is nearly upon us ...September 8th...and we need to start collecting for that...$50.00 a person...I need a final count on that ...I will be the contact for that trip...

Fourth...Prospect Place has been booked...October 26th...$60.00 a person...must be paid in full 30 days before the investigation...also need a final count on that trip...Rick will be the contact on that trip...

Fifth....Sponsoring the Witches Ball...now I know that we have not talked about this one since the beggining of summer and I do not remember who was in...but we put down the deposit right after that...this sponsorship will reach thousands of people...the balance is due before September 15th and should be around $50.00 total...so the more team members that can kick in the less it will be per person...please let me know who can help out and then I can figure out what is due...I will be the contact on this as well...

Sixth and final...For whoever ordered shirts...Amber will be collecting the money on the day of the Fort Wayne investigation...


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1. Brian and Darlene said on 8/19/12 - 07:27AM
1. Brian..Darlene and Jade will be attending the picnic... 2. Warren investigation... 3.Brian and Darlene will be attending Fort Wayne... 4. Brian and Darlene will be attending Prospect Place... 5. Brian and darlene will be helping with the Witches Ball sponsorship... 6. OK on the shirts...
2. Lisa said on 8/19/12 - 12:02PM
1. No to picnic--working 2. I can come when I get off work at 8 pm if you need me-just let me know. 3. Absolutely--I'll call for a time to drop off money. 4. Yes! 5. I got a ticket & can help out. Just let me know what you need me to do! 6. I will call Amber to drop the money off.
3. Brad said on 8/19/12 - 01:19PM
I cannot make the picnic. I can do Warren if needed. Ft. Wayne is YES. Prospect Place is YES. Witches Ball, I can pitch in $$$.
4. Sean said on 8/19/12 - 11:23PM
Picnic a go. Friday not sure hope to be there all depends on overtime. Ft Wayne yes I will pay you on sat at the picnic. Prospect place is a yes. And also pitch in some $$$ for the ball.
5. Keri said on 8/20/12 - 03:03PM
Prospect Place is a yes.
6. Heather said on 8/20/12 - 03:14PM
I am in for Prospect Place.
7. Brad said on 8/20/12 - 03:15PM
Keri / Heather, you are gonna love Prospect Place!
8. Keri said on 8/23/12 - 04:33PM
I am really looking forward to Prospect Place. Hoping for some new insight.

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