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Evidence Review of Prospect Place...Fort Wayne and Meeting...

by Brian Danhausen on 11/27/12

First let us say sorry for such a long wait for the reviews...when we got back we had the Sterling Case that came first...then the holidays and so forth....so here is the date for the review...Saturday December 15th 2012...time is still pending...this will include Prospect Place and Fort Wayne. There will also be a meeting...part of the meeting will be the team trying to plan out the upcoming year for investigations and events. Please blog back if you can make it or not...that may determine the time...Thank You...Brian

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1. Sean said on 11/28/12 - 12:18AM
Sorry can't make it thats the day of are family trip to cancun.
2. Lisa said on 11/28/12 - 12:34AM
I'm going to say now that I probably wont be able to make it. I'm only getting my schedule for work on thursdays for the following week until Christmas. Cant even make plans like that.
3. Vince welch said on 12/1/12 - 10:27AM
Me and my wife will definitely be able to make it.We don't have any plans for December 15th so this sounds great.I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving holiday with their loved ones too!

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