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Hotel For Hillview...

by Brian Danhausen on 03/05/13

We were just wondering who was interested in getting the hotel and who was interested in just driving home the following morning....this will effect driving arrangements so please let us know as soon as you can...Thank You

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1. Brian and Darlene said on 3/5/13 - 03:29PM
Brian and Darlene will not be staying at the we are looking for anyone who wants to ride with us and does not want to stay at the hotel...we will be getting Darlenes parents truck..and of course car pooling saves on gas...on the same note...I know that Rick and Amber will be staying at the hotel and will need people as well...
2. Keri said on 3/5/13 - 04:08PM
I am not staying at the hotel either, so if you will have me I will ride with you guys, Brian and Darlene.
3. Sean said on 3/6/13 - 12:23AM
Me and brad are looking into staying in a hotel.I'm also looking at cheaper one in the area.
4. Heather said on 3/6/13 - 07:57AM
If it's ok..can I ride with Brian and Darlene? Thanks
5. Lisa said on 3/6/13 - 04:39PM
After much consideration,I really will needto stay at a hotel before returning home.

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