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Investigation in Madison Heights

by Brian Danhausen on 05/08/12

Any investigators who are interested in investigating the house in Madison Heights please blog and let us know...then I will contact you about the will be this Saturday May 12th at 9 pm...Thank You

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1. Keri said on 5/8/12 - 03:06PM
I can make it if you need me. Ready, willing and able.
2. Sean said on 5/10/12 - 11:45PM
I can make it if you need a hand.
3. Lisa said on 5/11/12 - 11:02PM
I am back in town and ready if needed! I will give you a call sometime in the morning when I get up.
4. Brad said on 5/12/12 - 08:01AM
I'm a go.

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