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Investigation...January 26th

by Brian Danhausen on 01/20/13

We will be having an investigation at a home in Royal Oak..we are shooting for Saturday the 26th...we have one final meeting with the client before it is is a home and we are about 90% this point we are just seeing who is available...

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1. Brad said on 1/20/13 - 09:58AM
I'm a go
2. Sean said on 1/20/13 - 12:59PM
I also can go on the 26th and sounds good.
3. Vincent welch said on 1/20/13 - 01:39PM
I'm absolutely a go for Saturday January 26th,in Royal Oak
4. Lisa said on 1/23/13 - 12:14PM
Unfortunately it's the start of my round of working weekends. I wont be available until OSR for weekends again.

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