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Investigation...Prospect Place...Ohio

by Brian Danhausen on 04/26/12

Just to let everyone know...In July me,my brother and our wives were planning a mini vacation to Prospect Place in Trinway we were planning it we wanted to involve the we booked a second night for the team will be on a Monday night and last til Tuesday is the is $50.00 per person on Monday July 30th...the investigation goes from 7 pm Monday til 7 am Tuesday the 31st...Prospect Place...hopefully this gives enough notice to those who wish to attend...we are still waiting for a response from the people at Hillview Manor for the end of September...if anyone is interested in Prospect Place please let us know....Thank You

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1. Brad said on 4/26/12 - 03:08PM
Is that Trinway, OH east of Columbus? Doesn't matter...I'm there. If it's where I think, there is a highway 666 that way. NICE! That's a photo op. Let me know when the $$$ is needed.
2. Brian said on 4/26/12 - 04:48PM was an underground railroad stop and were that bounty hunter was hung in the barn...
3. Heather said on 4/27/12 - 02:37PM
Well I will probably be having my baby that day so you'll have to count me Glad I could recommend a place for you guys to go. Hope you have fun on your mini vacation. You'll have to let me know if it's worth going and maybe I will get the chance to go another time. :)
4. Lisa said on 4/27/12 - 10:34PM
Dang Heather, cant you have that baby another time? lol. Count me in, I will make it one way or another, that's for sure. AND a Hwy. 666? Definately gotta get some pics of that!
5. Sean said on 5/10/12 - 11:52PM
You can count me in just let me me know when you need the money.

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