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March 30th Meeting and Investigation After

by Brian Danhausen on 03/24/13

So the meeting will be taking place at Vinces house on Sat March 30th..we are going to shoot for 5:00pm..seeing as we now have an investigation after.There were talks about another potluck..but being short notice..we would like to know what everyone for the is a private home in Warren...9mile and Hoover area..we will be there at 8:00pm unless anything changes...the clients recently moved into this house but feel the activity from the previous home has followed them...we know that Easter is the next if you cannot make it to the is understandable...but if you are interested...just blog back...Thanks

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1. Vince welch said on 3/24/13 - 07:53AM
I will definitely be at the meeting,lol,and I will also be going to the investigation afterward.
2. Sean said on 3/24/13 - 07:24PM
I will be at the meeting and the investigation also.
3. Brian and Darlene said on 3/25/13 - 05:55PM
We will both be at the meeting..we will bring something...just not sure what yet. I think we are both in for the case as well...
4. Lisa said on 3/25/13 - 07:57PM
As usual, everything happens on my working weekends. I will not be able to attend :(
5. Keri said on 3/27/13 - 03:42PM
I will be at the meeting and the investigation. I will bring the chips and some desert.
6. Brad said on 3/27/13 - 04:47PM
Meeting = yes Investigation = yes Food = surprise
7. Heather said on 3/27/13 - 07:03PM
Sorry I'm a bummer...I won't be attending. I can't wait to see everyone though the following weekend for Hillview!

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