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Meeting Time and Royal Oak Investigation Part Two

by Brian Danhausen on 02/16/13

The meeting time for Feb 23 will be at Rick and Ambers at will be a pot luck please blog back what you will be bringing so that everyone will know...after that we will go to the investigation...around 7:00...Thanks...

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1. Sean said on 2/16/13 - 10:02AM
I will do cheese cake since I was told by amber and lisa.
2. Lisa said on 2/16/13 - 02:09PM
Hmmm...maybe I will do a pot of homemade Chili Mac! Mom's recipe, verrrrrry good! Cant wait for the fun :) I will bring any evidence from OSR with me.
3. Brad said on 2/17/13 - 08:50AM
I'll bring the top grade hybrid pot! Oh wait? It's not that kind of "pot" luck. My bad. I guess I'll bring some chicken strips and dips.
4. Keri said on 2/17/13 - 08:51AM
I will bring some kind of salad, not sure what kind yet. I will also bring some pop. Cant wait to see your evidence from OSR.
5. Brian and Darlene said on 2/17/13 - 02:19PM
We will bring a most stunning Baked Mostaccioli...
6. heather said on 2/19/13 - 07:30AM
I will make some brownies! :)
7. Vince W said on 2/20/13 - 12:19PM
I will be their,along with Michelle,and I'm bringing some BBQ Sausages for the Pot Luck dinner.After the meeting and dinner,I'm looking forward to Round 2(Royal Oak),and my lovely wife will be off to meet the girls!

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