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New Case For This Friday

by Brian Danhausen on 03/25/13

A new case has been booked for this Friday..March 29th...7:00pm in Metamora is about 16 miles north of the Palace. The home is a farm house about 110 yrs old. Some of the activty includes footsteps...noises and apparitions. It will make for a very busy weekend..but if you are interested in attending...please blog back and let us know...Thanks

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1. Brian and Darlene said on 3/25/13 - 05:57PM
We are both in for this case...
2. Rick and Amber said on 3/25/13 - 06:26PM
Are in for both
3. Lisa said on 3/25/13 - 07:58PM
This is making me sad :( gotta work. But I will definitely be seeing everyone the next weekend!
4. Sean said on 3/26/13 - 12:18AM
I will be there and ready for a crazy weekend.
5. Keri said on 3/26/13 - 04:41PM
I am def in for this one.
6. Vince W said on 3/26/13 - 06:43PM
What a wild and crazy weekend,I'm so in for this investigation,as well!
7. Brad said on 3/27/13 - 04:48PM
ok, me too
8. Heather said on 3/27/13 - 06:57PM
I won't be able to make it. Have fun to all that goes....sounds really cool!

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