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New Case In Sterling Heights

by Brian Danhausen on 03/14/13

We have a new case in Sterling Heights on Saturday March 23rd at is around the 16 mile and Dodge Park area...some of the activity claims are a black orb type mass and objects moving...if any investigators are interested in going..please blog us back and let us know...Thank You...

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1. Sean said on 3/15/13 - 12:27AM
You can count me in sound like a fun one.
2. Reverend Brad said on 3/15/13 - 04:18PM
I'm in.
3. Lisa said on 3/18/13 - 08:43PM
It's another work day for me, so no go here.
4. keri said on 3/19/13 - 06:47PM
Count me in.
5. Vince welch said on 3/22/13 - 06:58PM
Count me in,it sounds like an interesting evening
6. Keri said on 3/23/13 - 10:39AM
Hey Brian, Not feeling too good today. Not gonna go to the investigation.
7. Vince welch said on 3/23/13 - 02:21PM
Hey guys and gals,I need to go to see my Mom in the rehab facility over at Cherrywood tonight and meet with my sister and my Moms doctor and the only time they can do this today is at 7:30pm tonight.Doc wants to discuss treatment options with all of us present,so I'm sadly going to have to skip the investigation tonight.See everybody at the meeting next Saturday.sloker

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