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Pre Muster Meeting Down At The Fort

by Brian Danhausen on 04/22/13

We need to be at the fort by 6:00pm...we will prob all just meet down there. As for the meeting that we were talking about for that Sunday will not be we will collect the Witches Ball Sponsor money at the fort...$11.00 per person..and April dues...being as the month is almost we discussed at the previous lets meet up a little earlier in the parking lot of the later than 5:45pm...Thanks

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1. Sean said on 4/23/13 - 12:24AM
Ok sounds good see you sat.
2. Heather said on 4/23/13 - 04:34PM
See you all then! Can't wait for some fun.
3. Vince said on 4/24/13 - 08:13AM
See you Saturday
4. Keri said on 4/24/13 - 04:27PM
See you there.
5. Brad said on 4/25/13 - 04:41PM
Cool. I will have my Hillview evidence on a jump drive for you as well.

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