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Prospect Place Review

by Brian Danhausen on 09/15/12

We are trying to set up the review of evidence for Prospect Place...we were thinking this upcoming Saturday the 22nd...3 or 4 oclock...we are trying to get a feel of who could make it or if it would be better a different will be at Brads house...please blog us back to let us know your thoughts...Thanks...or maybe even Sunday..?...?.

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1. Sean said on 9/15/12 - 08:29PM
I can make but will be tough.
2. Sean said on 9/16/12 - 05:35AM
I will be out of town.
3. Brian said on 9/16/12 - 05:58AM
I just added ..what about Sunday?
4. Sean said on 9/16/12 - 03:48PM
Sat is better I work Sunday it will be no problem.
5. Lisa said on 9/19/12 - 01:50PM
Another day I cannot make it to! Sorry team, it's getting harder to get the time off the closer to the holidays it gets!

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