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by Brian Danhausen on 03/05/12

For any of the Into The Afterlife Paranormal investigators...we are doing a follow up investigation on Saturday March 10th 2012...we will meet once again at the Wendys at 8:30 pm at start the investigation at 9:00 pm....we will be trying to debunk some of the footage we caught from the previous investigations among other things...if you are interested in going...please blog back and let me know...Thank You...

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1. Lisa said on 3/5/12 - 08:45PM
I will see you all there. Cant wait to go back again.
2. Heather said on 3/6/12 - 03:32PM
I will be there!
3. Keri said on 3/6/12 - 04:20PM
I am in and very interested on getting to the bottom of a lot of questions. Hoping to prove or disprove whatever we can. See everybody then.

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