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Return To Fort Wayne Detroit

by Brian Danhausen on 06/24/12

Sorry..I know that it has been awhile since the last blog but we have been busy with a few projects...first I need to know who would be interested in going back to Fort Wayne Detroit on Sept 8th 2012...if you are interested please blog back ASAP so that I will have a count and able to reserve our spot...secondly I have been in talks with a store in WoodHaven about a meet and greet of our team..should be around Oct 6th...still working on the details but pleases keep it in mind...and finally...Prospect Place is nearly upon us...there are still openings for who wants to go or even if you wanted to bring someone...just let us know...Thanks

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1. Sean said on 6/24/12 - 11:03AM
You can count on me to go to Fort Wayne it was a good time.
2. Lisa said on 6/25/12 - 04:04AM
You never have to ask me twice about Fort Wayne, I am always up for that! Dont know of anyone else who wants to go to Prospect Place, but I will ask around. The meet and greet sounds great!
3. Brad said on 6/25/12 - 03:26PM
I return from Vegas on Sept. 6th, so Ft. Wayne is a go. I already have the time off for Prospect Place and I know Sean and I are carpooling. Lisa, if you would like to join us you can. So, Ohio is a go. The last meet and greet I was a part of, the group I was in The Hardcore Wrestling Asylum kidnapped our rival's valet/manager. Sliding door mini van with no plates, masks, the whole nine yards. The fans there didn't know what to do! Oct. 6 is a go.
4. Heather said on 6/25/12 - 04:47PM
I won't be able to make it Sept 8th to Fort Wayne. The meet and greet sounds good.
5. Sean said on 6/26/12 - 03:25AM
I can make it Oct 6 also.
6. Keri said on 6/27/12 - 01:39PM
Sept. 8th is my birthday and I already have plans for that night. Who is picking these dates?
7. Brian said on 6/27/12 - 06:32PM
We pick the dates that are available and have enough spots for the whole team to go if they are available...most of the time the fort has one day a month to go...September had I picked a date and made sure that it had enough spots for the team...when we book investigations we take what is available or if it is a client we take the date they provide us with..we try our best and give enough notice to all the investigators so that they can have time to make plans to go...sometimes they can make it and sometimes they cannot...we are looking every day for new investigations for the team and when we can book one...we book it...and try our best to give notice and include everyone...
8. Lisa said on 6/28/12 - 11:18AM
Brad, I will let you know about the carpooling when it gets closer. Brian, you guys are doing a great job, we all already know that there will be times that some of us cant be there, we just all wish we could do every single one. I'll keep my ear to the ground for more places to go.

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