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Return to Fort Wayne Detroit and Return to Prospect Place

by Brian Danhausen on 08/03/12

Well here we go again...for those who wish to attend the Fort Wayne is on Saturday September 8th...the cost is $50.00 per person...and I need a count ASAP...and yes...we have booked the second trip back to Prospect Place...for those investigators interested in going we have booked it for Friday night October 26th...the cost this time is $60.00 a ticket because it is a weekend day...I will also need a count for that...that money needs to be in to Prospect Place 30 days before we go...please let me know who is interested ASAP...Thanks...

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1. Brian and Darlene said on 8/3/12 - 10:17AM
We will be at both investigations...
2. Lisa said on 8/3/12 - 11:09AM
Book me for both! Can't wait to go back--to both places!
3. Amber & Rick said on 8/3/12 - 11:28AM
Be there! Both places wouldn't miss it
4. Sean said on 8/3/12 - 03:32PM
Count me for both places they are two great places to go and investigations.
5. Tom said on 8/3/12 - 05:42PM
yes I will be at both.
6. Heather said on 8/4/12 - 06:49AM
I won't be able to make it to Fort Wayne Sept.8th. I will have to let you know about Prospect Place. From the comments I have read on facebook about your guys trip there...sounds like it was a good place to investigate. I will get back with you. :)
7. Big Rick said on 8/5/12 - 10:07AM
Big Rick is in for Fort Wayne...not sure on Prospect Place yet
8. Brad said on 8/5/12 - 06:02PM
I am a go for both trips.

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