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Return To The Allegan Lodge

by Brian Danhausen on 04/29/12

After submitting our evidence video...the people from the Allegan Lodge offered us...if we came back...a longer investigation for the same price...instead of 2am we can stay until I dont know when we would go...we just wanted to throw it out there to see if any investigators were interested...if you think that you might be please blog back and let us know...Thanks

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1. Brad said on 4/30/12 - 04:39PM
Ummmm....let see....well....YES. The only timeframe I am not available is labor day week. I'll be in Vegas. The poker Gods are calling. Don't let that be the deal breaker, if that is the only time you can get.
2. Brian said on 4/30/12 - 05:15PM
It is not for sure yet...just throwing out a feeler...
3. Lisa said on 5/4/12 - 10:40AM
You know I'm always in for a return investigation.
4. Sean said on 5/13/12 - 09:04PM
Yes if you go back I would go it would be my frist vist.

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