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Saturdays Investigation and Shirt Update

by Brian Danhausen on 04/05/12

If anyone is interested we are gonna meet at Your Family Restaruant..110 Hubbard St Allegan Mi 49010 around 5 to 5:30 pm on Sat...if not the Allegan Lodge address is 701 Marshall St Allegan Mi 49010...and we need to be there by 7pm...and we just found out that there are no restrooms at the lodge and were told we would have to use the restaruants in the surrounding area...would have been nice to know before hand...but on to the shirts...we were able to get the prices down on the shirts...but here is the thing...we need to order 24 products in order to get the shirts...we are if anyone can kick out a few extra dollars from what they were going to would be much is like we were gonna pay almost $20.00 for one shirt but we got it to a base for one shirt to $ for $24.00 you can get 2 shirts...that is only $4.00 more...if you can do this please contact Amber and let her know...if we do not reach the limit of 24 items we will have to wait to order until we are the prices for the different items and Thank You

BASE PRICES FOR SIZES SMALL to XL...2xl add $1.50 per item...

3xl add $2.00 per item...4xl add $3.00 per item...

T Shirt = $12.00

CrewNeck SweetShirt = $ 18.00

Hoodie = $ 22.00

Zipper Hoodie = $ 33.00

See You All On Sat

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1. Brad said on 4/5/12 - 01:59PM
Is anyone staying out there? Michele and I are crashing in Kalamazoo Fri and Sat nite Amber - here is my revised order: 1 - large hoodie 1 - 4x zipper hoodie 3 - 4x t-shirts 2 - 2x t-shirts I'll have the $$$ for you Sat.
2. Lisa said on 4/6/12 - 09:34AM
I will pick up some extra shirts if it helps. I'll give my order to Amber today. Cant wait to see everyone tomorrow & have a GREAT investigation! Guess we better not drink too many bottles of water before-hand. haha

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