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The New Date For Prospect Place Review

by Brian Danhausen on 09/20/12

Let me first say sorry...seems like we have been scramblin to get everyone together for the Prospect Place review...after talking about it we have decided to move it to next Saturday...September 29th...4:30...still at Brads house...after talking to everyone...alot of people have different things going on this weekend and it will make for a busy weekend...and some could use some more time to get their evidence ready for the we think that it would be better for everyone if we change the day...please blog back if you can or cannot make it...again sorry for the change on such short notice...also..if you are going to the meet and greet please blog that as well so that I know who will be attending...Thanks..Brian

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1. sean said on 9/20/12 - 05:37PM
Yes I can make both next sat is great. Thanks
2. Lisa said on 9/20/12 - 06:22PM
Unfortunately it's a no-go for me for both weekends. I will get my evidence burned off and to you for everyone to see at the review, though.
3. Brad said on 9/21/12 - 05:05PM
I plan on making the meet & greet.
4. Brian and Darlene said on 9/21/12 - 05:30PM
We will be attending both...

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