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This Weekend

by Brian Danhausen on 09/04/12

This weekend is the Fort Wayne Investigation and I still need to collect from some people...please contact me as soon as you can....also...we figured out... if everyone can pitch in $8.00 for the Witches Ball sponsor we could get it taken care of...I will also need that on the Fort Wayne date...for it is also due...and don't forget your shirt money if you had ordered...and finally...we will meet at the 5 Guys at 9 and Gratiot around 5 to 5:30 on Saturday before we head down to the fort...Thank You...Brian

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1. Heather said on 9/4/12 - 05:56PM
Have fun at Fort Wayne team.....I love that place! Amber we can meet up sometime with my order. Thanks!
2. Lisa said on 9/4/12 - 06:11PM
We will definately be missing you for this one, Heather! Cant wait to see everyone on saturday.
3. Darlene said on 9/4/12 - 06:46PM
Heather I can still get you in if you wanna come its not to late...

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