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Two New Cases

by Brian Danhausen on 12/22/12

Well it seems like it hits all at once...we just received two new cases...although one is still pending to be set for a few weeks from now...the other will take place on Saturday December is in Mattawan Mi...just so you know is about a 3 hr drive and is in a 3 bedroom mobile home...prob the size of the last mobile home we we will only need a smaller please let us know if you are interested..Thanks...

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1. Sean said on 12/23/12 - 05:07PM
I can make the 29 if there is room. I can make both and look foreword to them.
2. Brad said on 12/24/12 - 08:46AM
My schedule is open. Count me in.
3. Vince welch said on 12/28/12 - 09:04PM
I'm sorry but I can't make it on the 29th of December.I'm still waiting to get my car back after it was hit by a woman a week ago

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