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Updates : Sterling Case and Prospect 2

by Brian Danhausen on 10/28/12

We felt the Prospect Place case went really well and would like to thank all that participated...and now we need to get with any of the investigators that were at the Sterling Heights case to review any evidence caught...please blog back and let us know if anything was caught and we will make arrangments ASAP to get it all together...even if you did not capture any please let us know as well so that we can keep track...Thank You...Brian

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1. Amber Rick said on 10/28/12 - 02:58PM
Sorry but we have nothing to reveal...
2. Brad said on 10/29/12 - 03:43PM
I emailed a couple of pics to the hotmail addy.
3. Heather said on 10/29/12 - 03:48PM
Sorry...no evidence

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