Into The Afterlife Paranormal Updates

Into The Afterlife Paranormal Updates

Ohio State Reformatory Clean Up : Feb 9th

by Brian Danhausen on 11/10/12

We are set up to go do this...of coarse there will be other people and groups attending but if you are interested in going please let us know...Thank You...
Clean Up Weekend Info:
When? Feb 9th at 10am.
Where? Ohio State Reformatory 100 Reformatory Rd. Mansfield,OH 44905
This is a 21 and over event. There is a little leeway with this though. Contact me with any questions at
If you will be driving a good distance you are allowed to arrive here Friday so you will be well rested for the main clean up day.
You are allowed to sleep in the Central Guard Room Friday night and Saturday night. Bring a sleeping bag/mat/ blow up mattress/etc to sleep on. Also, it might be a good idea to bring snacks.
You also have access to a shower here so bring toiletries. (After cleaning you have a tendency to get a bit "gamey.")
We will supply a continental style breakfast on Saturday morning and one meal during the day.
Things to bring: gloves, maybe eye protection, warm clothes, and brooms. This year there shouldn't be too much heavy cleaning to do. Mainly a lot of sweeping, wiping, and moving.
Here's how the weekend will work out time wise:

FRIDAY after 4pm: Early arrives start showing up.
We will be getting things ready for Saturday.
After we're done Friday night it's a great time to relax and get rested up for Saturday.

SATURDAY: The gate will open at 9am and will shut at 10:30am. At this time we will be having you signing releases and getting instruction on what you'll be doing that day. If you will be a LITTLE late just let me know ASAP so we can make arrangements. Also at this time will be the continental breakfast.
10:30 until Evening: we'll work your nimble little fingers to the bone.
Food will be served sometime in this time span.
After we call it quits for the night you are then, and only then, allowed to hunt.

SUNDAY: This day will be used as a 'finish up' day. Go home, take a long hot shower/bath, and know that you did something good over the past few days......then pass out.
Now here are the rules:
*Don't think that you'll show up, screw off/do nothing, and still be allowed to hunt. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO KICK PEOPLE OUT IF THEY DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES.
*No drugs or alcohol
*No Quija Boards, Seances, or candles
*No horseplay
*During the clean up there is to be no aimless wandering (See first rule)
*The Central Guard Room is a "Quiet Zone." Just because you and your group may be hunting all night there are people who will be sleeping in the CGR. Be courteous.
*There will be various paranormal groups here. No fighting or bickering will be tolerated. (It's sad that I have to put this in here. But if you've been in the paranormal field for a while you know why I had to.)
I guess it all boils down to this: do what you're asked to and everything will be fine.
Just remember, you are allowed to go home at any time. If you can just come and help clean then go home, that's fine. Or if you want to get here Friday at 4pm and be locking up the building with me Sunday evening, that's fine too.
If you have any questions email me at

Cemetery Tour

by Brian Danhausen on 11/01/12

This goes out to the investigators that helped do the tour at the cemetery in Trenton...I am trying to wrap this case up as well as the Sterling the end of this if anyone caught any evidence there can you please send that to me as well...I also need some general pics of the place as well..please let me know if you caught anything or not...Thanks...Brian

Updates : Sterling Case and Prospect 2

by Brian Danhausen on 10/28/12

We felt the Prospect Place case went really well and would like to thank all that participated...and now we need to get with any of the investigators that were at the Sterling Heights case to review any evidence caught...please blog back and let us know if anything was caught and we will make arrangments ASAP to get it all together...even if you did not capture any please let us know as well so that we can keep track...Thank You...Brian

Prospect Place...October 26th

by Brian Danhausen on 10/21/12

We will be meeting at Prospect Place around 6pm on Friday October 26th...due to time constraints...we will not be meeting everyone for dinner...we meaning Brian..Darlene..Rick and Amber...but if you guys want to meet and eat..of course that is fine...We must also ask that if you arrive early...please do not enter the house until all team members arrive...also if you are early the cemetary is right down the street on the left side of the road...def worth looking at...Thank You...Brian

Fridays Haunted Tour

by Brian Danhausen on 10/18/12

I need to know which investigators were going Friday night to help with the tour....if you are going be at the store in WoodHaven a little before 8pm...Please Let Me Know ASAP...Thanks ..Brian

Saturdays Meet and Greet...

by Brian Danhausen on 10/01/12

I am not sure if it will be possible and only if we have some down time...if anyone has there Fort Wayne evidence ready...maybe we can start to take a look at it...just a thought...let me know what you think...Thanks...Brian


by Brian Danhausen on 09/25/12

   Just a few updates to keep everyone in the loop...the Witches Ball sponsorship has been paid in full...Thanks to everybody...and Prospect Place is all taken care of as well...hopefully we will see you all on Saturday for the review...Thanks...Brian

The New Date For Prospect Place Review

by Brian Danhausen on 09/20/12

Let me first say sorry...seems like we have been scramblin to get everyone together for the Prospect Place review...after talking about it we have decided to move it to next Saturday...September 29th...4:30...still at Brads house...after talking to everyone...alot of people have different things going on this weekend and it will make for a busy weekend...and some could use some more time to get their evidence ready for the we think that it would be better for everyone if we change the day...please blog back if you can or cannot make it...again sorry for the change on such short notice...also..if you are going to the meet and greet please blog that as well so that I know who will be attending...Thanks..Brian

Prospect Place Review

by Brian Danhausen on 09/15/12

We are trying to set up the review of evidence for Prospect Place...we were thinking this upcoming Saturday the 22nd...3 or 4 oclock...we are trying to get a feel of who could make it or if it would be better a different will be at Brads house...please blog us back to let us know your thoughts...Thanks...or maybe even Sunday..?...?.

Meet and Greet with Into The AfterLife Paranormal...

by Brian Danhausen on 09/15/12

So the date is set...October 6th..Sat..from 12 noon to 4 pm...Location...Smokey in WoodHaven Mi...22097 West Rd WoodHaven Mi 48183...any investigators that are interested in going please blog back...We will be showing off equipment...answering questions...sharing stories and things like that...Thanks

Prospect Place

by Brian Danhausen on 09/13/12

We need to get the money for Prospect Place by the 19th of September...for it to make it in before the will need to contact Darlene...who is now the Treasurer and will be the only person handling money from now can reach her at 586-925-1384...Thanks

This Weekend

by Brian Danhausen on 09/04/12

This weekend is the Fort Wayne Investigation and I still need to collect from some people...please contact me as soon as you can....also...we figured out... if everyone can pitch in $8.00 for the Witches Ball sponsor we could get it taken care of...I will also need that on the Fort Wayne date...for it is also due...and don't forget your shirt money if you had ordered...and finally...we will meet at the 5 Guys at 9 and Gratiot around 5 to 5:30 on Saturday before we head down to the fort...Thank You...Brian


by Brian Danhausen on 08/19/12

Okay...this is gonna be alot...

First... I need to know final numbers of who is going to the paranormal picnic this Sat...August 25th...they need a count ASAP for food...

Second...We had done an interview last Friday on a case in Warren...very small house...we caught some odd we are going back this Friday ...August is the thing...very small house...we need about 4 to 5 investigators to go...myself and Rick will be there but more in the background...

Third...Fort Wayne is nearly upon us ...September 8th...and we need to start collecting for that...$50.00 a person...I need a final count on that ...I will be the contact for that trip...

Fourth...Prospect Place has been booked...October 26th...$60.00 a person...must be paid in full 30 days before the investigation...also need a final count on that trip...Rick will be the contact on that trip...

Fifth....Sponsoring the Witches I know that we have not talked about this one since the beggining of summer and I do not remember who was in...but we put down the deposit right after that...this sponsorship will reach thousands of people...the balance is due before September 15th and should be around $50.00 the more team members that can kick in the less it will be per person...please let me know who can help out and then I can figure out what is due...I will be the contact on this as well...

Sixth and final...For whoever ordered shirts...Amber will be collecting the money on the day of the Fort Wayne investigation...


Return to Fort Wayne Detroit and Return to Prospect Place

by Brian Danhausen on 08/03/12

Well here we go again...for those who wish to attend the Fort Wayne is on Saturday September 8th...the cost is $50.00 per person...and I need a count ASAP...and yes...we have booked the second trip back to Prospect Place...for those investigators interested in going we have booked it for Friday night October 26th...the cost this time is $60.00 a ticket because it is a weekend day...I will also need a count for that...that money needs to be in to Prospect Place 30 days before we go...please let me know who is interested ASAP...Thanks...

Clinton Township

by Brian Danhausen on 07/12/12

I was just contacted by Josh from the Clinton Township case...he tells me things have gotten worse and has asked for our help...I know that it is short notice but we are trying to set it up for this Saturday...if you are interested in returning please blog back...and let us know...nothing is for sure yet...Thanks

Return To Fort Wayne Detroit

by Brian Danhausen on 06/24/12

Sorry..I know that it has been awhile since the last blog but we have been busy with a few projects...first I need to know who would be interested in going back to Fort Wayne Detroit on Sept 8th 2012...if you are interested please blog back ASAP so that I will have a count and able to reserve our spot...secondly I have been in talks with a store in WoodHaven about a meet and greet of our team..should be around Oct 6th...still working on the details but pleases keep it in mind...and finally...Prospect Place is nearly upon us...there are still openings for who wants to go or even if you wanted to bring someone...just let us know...Thanks

Re : Saturdays Review / BBQ

by Brian Danhausen on 05/31/12

Even if we do not line up that case for Mound...and I know that most of your equipment will be with you anyways...please bring your equipment with you....we will have something else lined up....all will be expained on Saturday....Thank You

Evidence Review...June 2nd

by Brian Danhausen on 05/26/12

We finally have a date for the evidence review of Fort Wayne and the case in Madison Heights...Saturday...June 2nd...3 Rick and Ambers...I know some people offered to have it at their house this time...and we thank you for that...but we are trying to set a case up for after the review...more to come on that as it unfolds...since the review is prob gonna be a longer one we will be doing a BBQ...please bring your families and a dish to pass...please lets us know who is coming ( including family ) and what dish you might bring so that we can make sure everyone brings enough and no one doubles up on dishes....Brian and Darlene will bring hot dogs and buns...if all goes as planned we will and head out to a new case...but again...we will let you know about that when we find out for sure...Thank You

Investigation in Madison Heights

by Brian Danhausen on 05/08/12

Any investigators who are interested in investigating the house in Madison Heights please blog and let us know...then I will contact you about the will be this Saturday May 12th at 9 pm...Thank You

Fort Wayne

by Brian Danhausen on 05/06/12

Thanks to all the investigators for a great investigation last night at Fort Wayne...It was fun to get back and investigate with the whole team again...

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