Into The Afterlife Paranormal Updates

Into The Afterlife Paranormal Updates

Pre-Fort Wayne Investigation Dinner

by Brian Danhausen on 04/30/12

We are going to meet at the Five Guys at 9ml and Gratiot around 5:30 for dinner...before we go on the Fort Wayne Investigation...if anyone would like to meet us there...that would be great...Thanks

Return To The Allegan Lodge

by Brian Danhausen on 04/29/12

After submitting our evidence video...the people from the Allegan Lodge offered us...if we came back...a longer investigation for the same price...instead of 2am we can stay until I dont know when we would go...we just wanted to throw it out there to see if any investigators were interested...if you think that you might be please blog back and let us know...Thanks

Investigation...Prospect Place...Ohio

by Brian Danhausen on 04/26/12

Just to let everyone know...In July me,my brother and our wives were planning a mini vacation to Prospect Place in Trinway we were planning it we wanted to involve the we booked a second night for the team will be on a Monday night and last til Tuesday is the is $50.00 per person on Monday July 30th...the investigation goes from 7 pm Monday til 7 am Tuesday the 31st...Prospect Place...hopefully this gives enough notice to those who wish to attend...we are still waiting for a response from the people at Hillview Manor for the end of September...if anyone is interested in Prospect Place please let us know....Thank You

Allegan Lodge Evidence Review

by Brian Danhausen on 04/15/12

   We are trying to get everyone together on Saturday the 21st...around 6 pm...after Rick and Ambers house to review the evidence from the Allegan Lodge...I know that they are waiting patiently for us to show them any evidence...if any was caught...please blog back so that we know if enough investigators can make it...if not and you caught something and cannot make it let me know and maybe you can email it to me and I will take it to the meeting...and also...if this is a go...if anyone would like to volunteer to help out with the drinks and snacks...that would be great...that way it does not fall on one person...we would also like to have a team meeting with the investigators before we go to Fort Wayne...after the review...Thanks

Allegan Lodge Investigation

by Brian Danhausen on 04/08/12

Thanks to all of the investigators for a great investigation last night...we will let you know about a date for the evidence review...

Clinton Township Evidence

by Brian Danhausen on 04/06/12

This blog is so that anyone who watches the video from the Clinton Township Case ( on the evidence page ) has a space to express their opinion on what the videos might be...or if you have seen this I said before..we are in no way calling them a ghost or spirit...could it be just single particles of dust pulsing in the IR light...of course it could..and most likely the explanation on some of these lights...some of them though do have a strange flight pattern and we would just like to get other views on it...and I can def say that there were no insects in this house...Thanks

Saturdays Investigation and Shirt Update

by Brian Danhausen on 04/05/12

If anyone is interested we are gonna meet at Your Family Restaruant..110 Hubbard St Allegan Mi 49010 around 5 to 5:30 pm on Sat...if not the Allegan Lodge address is 701 Marshall St Allegan Mi 49010...and we need to be there by 7pm...and we just found out that there are no restrooms at the lodge and were told we would have to use the restaruants in the surrounding area...would have been nice to know before hand...but on to the shirts...we were able to get the prices down on the shirts...but here is the thing...we need to order 24 products in order to get the shirts...we are if anyone can kick out a few extra dollars from what they were going to would be much is like we were gonna pay almost $20.00 for one shirt but we got it to a base for one shirt to $ for $24.00 you can get 2 shirts...that is only $4.00 more...if you can do this please contact Amber and let her know...if we do not reach the limit of 24 items we will have to wait to order until we are the prices for the different items and Thank You

BASE PRICES FOR SIZES SMALL to XL...2xl add $1.50 per item...

3xl add $2.00 per item...4xl add $3.00 per item...

T Shirt = $12.00

CrewNeck SweetShirt = $ 18.00

Hoodie = $ 22.00

Zipper Hoodie = $ 33.00

See You All On Sat

T Shirts

by Brian Danhausen on 03/30/12

Please bring your money to the Allegan Investigation if you want an Into The Afterlife Paranormal T Shirt or can text Amber at 1-248-207-3452 to get your size in and for pricing info...Thanks

Newest Members

by Brian Danhausen on 03/18/12

Into The Afterlife Paranormal would like to welcome the two newest members to the team...Richard Danhausen and Tom Hulbert...


by Brian Danhausen on 03/16/12

The Allegan investigation has also been confirmed...


by Brian Danhausen on 03/16/12

Congrats to fellow investigator Heather and Bruce...

Fort Wayne

by Brian Danhausen on 03/16/12

The Fort Wayne Detroit Investigation is all set and ready to go...

To Investigators

by Brian Danhausen on 03/15/12

We are looking for a LCD computer monitor to be donated to the team...just if someone has an old one laying around or might know someone that has an old one...we picked up a DVR system today for the team but it did not come with the does not have to be anything fancy...on another note..the deposit for Allegan was mailed out Monday and Fort Wayne will be in on Friday....Thanks

Re- Saturdays Evidence Review

by Brian Danhausen on 03/13/12

We will NOT be meeting this Saturday for the evidence review due to prior engagements...if you did capture any evidence please contact me and we can figure something out...Thanks

Evidence Review...Clinton Township 2

by Brian Danhausen on 03/12/12

We were just wondering who...if any...caught any evidence this past Sat. from the Clinton Township case...

Final Evidence Review for the Clinton Township Case

by Brian Danhausen on 03/11/12

We are going to try and meet on March 17th 2012 for the final evidence review of the Clinton Township case...We are also going to try and meet around 3-3:30 so that we will not have such a late night...Rick offered up his house again unless someone would like to have it at their house...


Allegan Lodge

by Brian Danhausen on 03/08/12

We are booking April 7th 2012 for an investigation at Allegan Lodge...max of ten people for $300...that is $30 an investigator..we need a $100 deposit ASAP...trying to collect $10 a person on Saturday for those who want to go...that way we can reserve our spot...I know it will be tight because of the Fort Wayne Investigation but the balance will not be due until the day of the hunt...and they are booking fast...and on that same note the Fort Wayne money is due in two full...


May 5th Fort Wayne Investigation

by Brian Danhausen on 03/07/12

We need a head count of what investigators are able to go...asap...

Please blog back if you're going...

Also once you've committed we have to get them the money in 2 weeks...

                                                                        Thank You


by Brian Danhausen on 03/05/12

For any of the Into The Afterlife Paranormal investigators...we are doing a follow up investigation on Saturday March 10th 2012...we will meet once again at the Wendys at 8:30 pm at start the investigation at 9:00 pm....we will be trying to debunk some of the footage we caught from the previous investigations among other things...if you are interested in going...please blog back and let me know...Thank You...

Evidence Review for Saturday

by Brian Danhausen on 02/27/12

On Saturday March 3rd 2012 we will have our evidence review for the Clinton Township Case and a short meeting...this will take place at Rick and Ambers house and will be starting between 6:00 and 6:30...I will get you all the address....Thanks and see you Saturday...

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