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On SaturdayOctober 10th 2015 come and join Into The AfterLife Paranormal on a haunted tour and investigation in Metamora Mi. Join us as we take you on a tour of CryBaby Bridge and Blood Road...then you will be able to investigate the Old Farmhouse...which sits on 28 acres of farmland...since the Old Farmhouse this is a private home...please email us with your info and we will email the address to you...
The tour begins at 8:00pm and ends at 1:00am
Cost is only $25 for all three locations..
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Must be 18 yrs old to attend...Reserve Now..Space is Limited
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For any and all questions you can contact us at :
586-489-5410 or www.intotheafterlifeparanormal@hotmail.com
Due To The Great Response...Payment Will Be Cash At The Door...Online Sales Have Now Ended...But You Can Still Contact Us For Tickets
Cry Baby Bridge :
Blood Road :
The Old FarmHouse :
Scroll down to learn more about each location and
  hear some of the evidence that we have caught
"Rumor has it that many people migrated to this state during the witch trials taking place back east in the 1600s, mainly because of all the woods and hiding places here. In 1990 stories surfaced about devil worship  on a road just outside Metamora called Blood Road. They were frightening stories of how kids would drive down the road at night and witness trees following them, and of being chased by a truck with bright lights.
People also say that blood road is haunted. Supposedly murders and violence happened there a long time ago and if you go down that street at night you will see and hear things that shouldn't be there.

Being as there are private homes and there is no trespassing...and for safety reasons...this part of the tour shall be a driven tour by one of the Into The AfterLife Paranormal staff
This is the "Crybaby Bridge". It is home to an urban legend. It is said that a woman here had her car stall over the bridge. She got out to investigate and when she got back in her car, her child was gone. The child was found drowned in the river below the bridge.   It is said that you can hear a child cry in this spot. Another story is that the mother threw her own infant off the bridge.

Here is just some of the evidence that we caught while investigating the Old Farmhouse and the surrounding property

This Farmhouse was built in 1900 and sits on 28 acres of farmland...there are stories of a family burial plot on the land ...
some of the claims include movement of objects...voices and noises...and shadow people...

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A second October Date Is In The Works