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Evidence : HillView Manor : New Castle Pa
A Brief History Of HillView Manor : New Castle Pa
Its story began in 1925 as the Lawrence County Poor farm built by Architect A. L. Thayer to be a working farm unlike any of its kind, housing the county’s homeless and indigents. The building was equipped with a kitchen, hospital, laundry, separate living quarters for men and women, a cemetery, bomb shelter and an extra wing for employees and officers. It officially opened the doors to those in need in 1926.

A few decades later in the 1970s, a skilled care wing was added along with a new name, Hill View Manor, turning it in to a nursing facility. Unfortunately, the home faced financial strain and was forced to close in February 2004. While the building appears to be empty, minus a few things including medical equipment left behind, some people believe former residents still call Hill View Manor home.

Evidence Of HillView Manor : New Castle Pa
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