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The Northwood Firehouse
  The Northwood Fire Station was opened in 1928, seven years after The Village of Royal Oak became a city. Built at a cost of $65,000 it was the best city owned building for many years. The building site located at the corner of Webster and Crooks roads was donated by the Northwood Development Association, and the building was designed by their architects.
  Lieutenant George cook was the first to take charge of the station with Lieutenant Frank Winter second in command. A 1923 American LaFrance pumper and a new 1928 Dodge truck were moved into the station and five firemen were assigned to each unit. A Gamewell fire alarm system was installed with alarm boxes and telephone system.
  The Northwood fire district included answering alarms west of Rochester Road, from Catalpa to 14 Mile, all alarms north of Catalpa to the city line, and all alarms west of Woodward from Webster to 14 Mile Road.

Into The AfterLife Paranormal
  We have investigated this location several times now...and each time have had activity happen and captured evidence. Most of the activity has seemed to take place in the basement. We have had what sounded like a rock thrown, followed by a voice...as well as a loud screeching sound that for some reason was barely picked up on our digital recorder...even though our voices were crystal clear. E.V.P.'s have been captured as well as A.V.P. and Spirit Box hits. To see the evidence...please watch the videos below.
  To experience the activity for yourself...paranormal tours/ investigations will be coming soon.
The first tour is already sold out, but future tours are in the works...so please keep and eye here out for updates...

Tour Information : More Dates Coming Soon