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Evidence : Prospect Place : TrinWay Ohio
A Brief History Of Prospect Place : Trinway Ohio
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Prospect Place, also known as Trinway Mansion and Prospect Place Mansion, is a 29-room mansion built by abolitionist George Willison Adams (G. W. Adams) in Trinway, Ohio, just north of Dresden in 1856. This is the second house to stand on the same foundation. The first house was destroyed by an arson-related fire shortly after its completion. The mansion was rebuilt after the fire, with modern fire stopping added to it. The interior walls of the current house are solid brick, and there is a two-inch layer of mortar between the first and second floors of the house to block fire. Adams also became involved with the Underground Railroad movement in Ohio. The Underground Railroad was as secret system of homes, barns, businesses and other buildings that were used to assist slaves as they escaped from bondage in the southern states and came north to freedom. This was one of those stops.