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Starr House : Royal Oak Mi :  11-18-13 & 03-29-14
  In 1845, Mr. Starr built a wooden frame house two miles north of what is now downtown Royal Oak. This home was lived in by descendents of the Starr Family until the late 1970s when it was purchased by the City of Royal Oak. It is now a historical museum.
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This evidence was caught during two separate investigations. The strange thing is...we have caught similar evidence from surrounding investigations in the area...which...as we found out later...that the land these homes now sit on...was once owned by the Starr family...
       2015 - Orson-Starr House Paranormal Tour/Investigation Dates And Rules

May 2 2015 : Opening  :  SOLD OUT         

June 6th : SOLD OUT

July 11th : SOLD OUT

August 22nd : SOLD OUT

September 12th : SOLD OUT

October 24th : Available
  Spots on the Tour/ Investigations are limited due to size. Average group size is around ten per date. This is to help with contamination of evidence at the investigation. More dates may be added at a later date.
  Start time is 8pm and ends at 1am.
  To book a spot, please email us at intotheafterlifeparanormal@hotmail.com
  At this time tickets will be sold at the door, paid in cash only at $25 per person

* All participants must be at least 18 yrs of age
* All participants must sign a waiver
* No weapons will be allowed on the location
* No drinking or drug use will be allowed on the location
* No provoking...Ouija Boards...or Seances will be allowed on the location
* All participants must stay out of restricted areas and may NOT use, move or  remove any of the artifacts at this location
* If any of these rules or the rules on the waiver signed are broken, the participant will be asked to leave and will receive no refund