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Welcome To Our Tennesee Chapter Of Into The AfterLife Paranormal
Welcome to Into The Afterlife Paranormal's Website. Our team is based out of Michigan and now we have a chapter located in Tennesee. Our investigators have years of experience and are dedicated to the research, education and documentation of paranormal activity.
   We are a non-profit organization and our investigations are conducted with discretion and professionalism. Your private and personal information will never be shared with outside individuals. We have been investigating together for many years.
   Into The Afterlife Paranormal's goals are through the thorough analysis and debunking of the evidence caught and the research of all possibilities...is to provide proof of paranormal activity , the existence of spirits and most of all...to help those who need our help.
   And remember...Into The Afterlife Paranormal shall do completely free and confidential  paranormal investigations.
Our Investigators Located In Tennessee
Paul Sabin
Director Of Operations Tennessee
Lead Investigator
Brian Danhausen
Founder  Of Into The AfterLife Paranormal
Lead Investigator  &  Event Coordinator
Contact Information
Brian Danhausen is the Founder of Into The Afterlife Paranormal. He is also a Lead Investigator. Brian resides in Warren, Mi and is married to Darlene..fellow  Investigator. Together they have two children. Brian has been having paranormal experiences most of his life. Even still to this day he lives with paranormal activity in his own home...as you can see on the evidence page. After many years of investigating and having the same type of paranormal experiences that many of his family members have been having throughout their lives as well, Brian has decided to put together an official team of only the best Investigators that he has worked with...forming Into The Afterlife Paranormal.
Paul is an investigator for Into The AfterLife Paranormal. Paul Sabin is 39 and lives in Hilham TN since September...before that he lived in Michigan. He works as an automotive technician and enjoys movies,music,and spending time with his dog Chopper. Paul absolutely digs any and all scary and mysterious aspects of fact and fiction.
The New Chapter Is Based In The Hilham Area in Tennessee
Contact Number For The Tennessee Chapter : 1-248-931-1350
email : intotheafterlifeparanormal@hotmail.com...itap.tnc@hotmail.com
Matt is an investigator for Into The AfterLife Paranormal. Matt Neal, 31, lives in Livingston tn from Byrdstown tn likes to restore cars / loud heavy metal and rap music/ martial arts/work mopar service technician at Hutchison fluid systems Livingston tn.

Matt Neal