Below are some descriptions of the different types of hauntings. If any of these sound familiar to you or has happened to you or someone you know and you need help...please contact us.
Traditional Hauntings
  This type of haunting is probably the most accepted type of haunting but is not as common as you might think.
This type of haunting involves a ghost or ghosts that are intelligent or interactive. This means that they can interact with this world and are aware when people are around and what is going on around them. They may respond to someone who is trying to communicate with them..or maybe even try to appear to them. These types of haunting's are usually connected with a location or a person that is at that location.
  The interactive ghost is the consciousness of the person that once lived. This means that it has all the knowledge, personality and habits of that person. This person may have decided to stay behind instead of moving on, or because of murder, an accidental death, unfinished business, an undying love for someone or many other reasons.
  Because of the fact that the ghost retains all of the emotions and personality of the living person it once was, there is the potential for there to be benevolent, peaceful spirits, as well as malevolent, angry spirits. Please do not confuse malevolent spirits with an inhuman entity...a malevolent spirit was once human and may just give off an angry feel in the air and possible tension and animosity around the area that it is haunting. These negative spirits are not evil but angry. This may be due to their confusion and unsure of what is going on around them. This also may mean that in life they may have been an angry person and that it carried over into their death.
Residual Hauntings
  This type of haunting is like watching a movie play over and over again. These hauntings are cause by an energy that has been imprinted on a particular location. These hauntings occur when a major event takes place at a location and the psychic memory of that event is left behind after those people are gone. That does not have to mean that they some cases the people are still alive...but the event was so dramatic that it still left its imprint. Many times these hauntings are said to have sounds, smells as well as apparition sightings. The difference between Traditional Haunting's and Residual Haunting's is that the ghost in a residual haunting is not responsive. You can talk to it and it would not answer you. It is just replaying events long passed. Even though they do not acknowledge can still pick up evidence from them on your equipment...such as EVP's and photographs...etc.
Poltergeist Hauntings
  Thanks to Hollywood the word Poltergeist is a household word. While the movies are entertaining they do not show a true poltergeist type of haunting. Poltergeist comes from the German word meaning " noisy ghost ", a
poltergeist  is centered around a person, usually called an agent. While poltergeist activity can take place with any agent, it has been known more to take place with adolescent girls during their puberty stage of life.
  Poltergeist activity is associated with objects being move and thrown as well as footsteps and rapping sounds. While these sounds may be similar to the activity of the two previous types of haunting's, the activity is coming from a person and not a ghost. The agent is actually causing the events to happen unknowingly. The agent has emotions held inside due to stress and other aggravating factors. The agent has no way of expressing these emotions so they lash out psychically through the events found in a poltergeist type haunting. When investigating a poltergeist case, there may be no scientific evidence to be found in the form of EVP, EM readings and photographic. That is because there is no ghost. The way to determine this type of haunting is to remove the possible agent from the location and see if the activity continues.
  This activity is usually short term, ranging from a few weeks to as long as a few years. Counseling for the agent will often help if not extinguish the activity all together.
Inhuman Hauntings
  This type of haunting is not very common. Inhuman haunting's are almost always malevolent beings. The difference between ghostly haunting's and inhuman haunting's is that the name says it all. the entity was never human. These haunting's fall under a " Demonic " category. These haunting's may in fact coincide with possession. Anyone who ever has encountered one of these beings can tell you that it is not a pleasant experience. These usually have to be dealt with on a much higher level such as having spiritual leaders come and assist in banishing the entity. This can be a long and grueling ordeal.
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