Here is some of our equipment that we use during an investigation.
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Laser Grids
Spirit Box
Digital Recorder
EMF Detectors
  Digital recorders are used to record EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It also can be used for AVPs or Audio Voice Phenomenon. The difference between the two is that you cannot hear an EVP at the time it is recorded...where as an AVP can be heard by the investigators at the time it is caught.
Laser grids can be used to see some apparitions. The theory is that the spirit...while passing through the laser grid...will break the grid and be seen by investigators and or equipment such as video cameras.
The Spirit Box is used as a communication device to speak with spirits. Typically it is a modified AM/FM radio that continuously scans through the band. When on it creates a white noise and audio remnants from broadcasts that spirits can use to manipulate to create words and even sentences.
EMF detectors are a scientific device used for measuring Electromagnetic Fields. When paranormal activity takes place, theories suggest that electromagnetic anomalies often take place in the environment. One must be careful though EMF often come from electronic devices in the location and may effect the person or persons in the area...causing headaches, sickness, hallucinations and feelings of dread.
Digital Hand Held Video Cameras
Four Camera DVR System
EM Pump
  The EM Pump emits a steady high Electromagnetic Field in order to attract ghosts.  Theoretically the ghosts will use the EMF field to have the energy to give you stronger paranormal activity. 
The DVR system works with four cameras equip with nightvision...all recording at the same time.