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Evidence : Fort Wayne : Detroit Mi
A Brief History Of Fort Wayne Detroit : Detroit Michigan
  Fort Wayne is located in the city of Detroit, Michigan, at the foot of Livernois Avenue in the Delray neighborhood. The fort is situated on the Detroit River at a point where it is about a mile to the Canadian shore. The original 1848 limestone barracks still stands, as does the 1845 star fortification. On the fort grounds but outside the original star fort are additional barracks, officers quarters, hospital, shops, recreation building, commissary, guard house, garage, and stables. Fort Wayne was originally built to potentially defend the United States from a British invasion via Canada. Fort Wayne, Detroit operated from 1845 until 1973 as an active U.S. Military Installation - including a Nike Missile site.  Today it remains one of only a few "Star Forts" in the world.
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This set of evidence is from our first few trips to Fort Wayne Detroit...before we were an official group...this is just the beginning of the evidence that we have pulled out of the fort...the video was made along time ago and is not the best quality...some of the E.V.P.'s are low...but it is still great evidence that we wanted to share...some of these are the first E.V.P.'s that we have ever caught...
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